Snack Packs, Grab Bags!

One snack pack for each day!

I haven’t been posting for a couple of days now, and that’s because I’ve been buried under the enormous pile of work I’ve to cover before my semester final exams which are just in two days! This evening, though, I’ve the luxury of spending a little time here as earlier today I spent 10 hours at Starbucks cramming my mind. It’s safe to say it’s bamboozled right now, with all the abstract concepts I’ve had to plough through! 😦

Relating to school and studying, today I’m sharing about something I’ve found particularly useful. And I am almost certain this could work well too even for the non-schooling (i.e. those of you older ones, ha ha).

Do you find yourself getting hungry in the middle of the day, despite having had lunch and wondering just where you can get your tummy filled? Yet, you don’t want to be snacking too much because you’re afraid off putting on the pounds? What do you do then?

Well, I’ve been snacking a lot, but on fruits! I call them snack packs. Excellent source of vitamins, refreshing, and just what you need to satisfy those hunger pangs — with all natural goodness, at that! What’s not to love? 🙂

Fruity love!

Now why I call them grab bags is this: they’re splendid for those grab-and-go mornings.

As I’ve mentioned before, I stay on campus and so I do my grocery shopping over the weekend. All I have to do is to portion my fruits into separate zip-lock bags and chuck them in the fridge. That way, you get chilled treats and you don’t have to worry about the morning rush; just open the fridge and grab a pack 😉

Portioning is also a good idea so you don’t overeat. And I would recommend this for a lot of your other foods too. Often, we eat more than we really need and, let’s face it, the post-meal bloat that leaves you uncomfortable no matter whether you’re sitting, standing or walking is just loathsome!

You could even attach a label to the individual bags, such as one for each day of the week! Also, if you’re afraid of (further) harming the environment, just wash those bags once you’re done with ’em and re-use.

Label your grab bags!

They’ve been such a simple and healthy addition to my busy school life; I hope they’ll do the same for you too! 🙂


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