K, the Boyfriend

Hi Keith!

This is my boyfriend Keith who, from henceforth, shall be affectionately referred to as “K” on this blog. He’s a cutie. And I won’t lie, I’ve been crushing on him for quite a while now… Ha ha, needless to say.

Thought I’d write something more personal today. This post is dedicated to him. No, not our sappy love story, but a post about him.

It is not every day that you meet a bodybuilder. And neither is it every day that you fall in love with a bodybuilder.

Have you yet guessed?

My boy is a bodybuilder.

(Should this be of interest to you, you can check out the video of his competition posing routine in 2011.)

Let’s get this straight: size matters. Size is one thing in providing the security we girls all crave. But size with this boy is quite something else. He’s a “gentle giant”, and that’s what I like most about him. If I could make a comparison to food, it’s like a dangerous-looking Lemon Delicious which looks spongy on top but whose flavour explodes when in your mouth. The layers, too, act like surprises at each level.

One of the surprises I discovered along the way: damn, this boy is a little artist! Growing up, I learned that boys and art don’t really go together. (Forgive me for the sexist comment here ha ha.) But I always welcome a heartfelt handwritten note, and a hand-drawn card all the more!

Valentine's Day card K drew for me :')

Another thing about K is he’s got this determination I adore, and the confidence I wish I had. He’s sexy and he knows it. Me, on the other hand, I’ve got some issues there to iron out. But I suppose that’s why we complement each other so well.

K’s also a lot into motorbikes. I’m clueless when it comes to bikes and cars — I can’t even drive! — but I sure know a pretty bike when I see one. Recently he sold off his Ducati Monster Evo 1100, and even I am missing it already. It’s truly a huge piece of aesthetic metal beauty.


Plans for the future? I’ll be whipping up simple, healthy dishes in the kitchen while K enjoys my food and company. I just might make a good housewife 😉 And we’ll both exercise, a lot. Outside the domestic sphere, prayerfully I’ll land myself the writing job I’ve been coveting all these years, and K will be wherever his heart and God leads him. There’s nothing like eating right, living right and looking good together.

K has been such wonderful support in all my endeavors, and I thank God every day for this blessing. It’s nice to know that I always have a fan of my work and a pillar of strength I can lean on.

If “opposites attract” could be romantically and emotionally expressed, it probably couldn’t be better done. It’s something about a soul mate you just can’t put your finger to. Believe me when they say your lover should also be your best friend.

So go, go out there and pray for some love. Trust me, you’ll love love.

Goofing around together.

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