May Day, May Day!

Yesterday, after my biscotti bars turned out so well, I was feeling a little ambitious. In the evening I tried my hands at Lemon Delicious. It was, after all, supposed to be painfully easy.

Boy, was I wrong! (Or, should I say, were my oven settings all wrong.)

I realize I probably should have taken a photo of the destroyed curd pudding — and yes, by “destroyed” I mean that I had to consign it to the trash bin, never to be seen again — just to illustrate the realities of baking: there will be off days, and lots and lots of failed attempts (no less heartbreaking).

The whims of my oven are sure hard to please. I’m thinking of shifting to my grandmother’s this summer where I can: 1) keep her company, and 2) use her hugeass stellar oven.

Yet, despite the dismal encounter last night (which left the family without a proper breakfast this morning as I was banking on that pudding to fill us), the mark of true passion is this: come what may.

This second day of May, I’m itching to bake again. And wait — are those more overripe bananas I spy in the fridge…?

Yup, time to get ’em hands durrrrty.


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