Thanks, Mom!

Mother’s Day came a day earlier for my family this year.

Last night, instead of heading out to a fancy restaurant, we had a quiet and simple celebration at home. No party, no frills — just home.

Crowds aside, love was the reason we all chose to be at home. And I’m sure home with those whom we love the most (and those only who can love us the most) was where everyone most wanted to be.

Full colour grilled vegetables.

My Dad’s really fond of what we’d call “Western food”. To him, that’s simple cooking. It’s true, sometimes; Asian food is a whole different ball game. So since he was in charge of dinner for the night, Western was on the menu.

Potato salad with raisins and dried cranberries.

Pan seared cod fish.

Grilled chicken fillet.

Huge slice of salmon.

Portobello mushrooms.

Our version of a homely feast.

As Dad got busy in the kitchen prepping for dinner, I was at my grandmother’s, baking.

It’s kind of embarrassing to say that I’d intended to make a layer cake because the turnout is so different, ha ha. The idea was a lemon and strawberry cake since my Mom likes berries. But… It’s safe to say I made a “hamburger” instead.

So what’s this beastly, tall and messy-looking thing really meant to be? It’s a lemon cake layered with lemon curd and fresh strawberry slices, topped with cream cheese frosting. (That is, if you really can’t tell. And in which case, I’ve failed!)

How does it taste? Think I went a bit too crazy with the sugar. Personally, I find that recipes tend to do that. So I’ve to keep in mind to reduce the amount lest I and those I feed with my goodies suffer from an overload! The cake’s got a pretty good consistency, though. I’ll be sure to share the recipe the next time I bake it better 🙂

Still, it’s the thought that counts, hey?


My relationship with my Mom has never been quite so perfect.

As a little girl, you could say I was an angel. But entering teenhood was where the dark years took over. Perhaps it was a struggle for freedom and control that we could not see eye-to-eye.

I made her upset. (And that upset me too.)

There were many times when anger turned to sadness, and we both ended up hugging and crying; praying and pleading with God to help heal our relationship. That was certainly tumultuous, but looking back, I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

All those experiences have made us stronger now.

I see her as a friend, and we’ve managed to settle some of our differences. Nope, not all, but that’s how it’s always going to be, I’m sure! We just have to keep working at it.

Mom has also taught me many things. Life lessons aside, her interests have slowly become mine too. Baking is one — I remember how, as a kid, she would bake all kinds of treats for the family every weekend. I always watched her work her way round the kitchen in awe. I suppose now it’s my turn? (I want my daughter to see this in me too.)

Finally, the sacrifices that she’s made are uncountable, and the attitude of love that is never self-serving. She’s become a woman I desire to model after, and proud to say so.

So thank you, Mom, for giving me a blessed past 21 years. ♥

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