Quick Chicken Lunches

Since it’s term break and I haven’t started my summer job, I’ve basically been idling the holidays away.

Not too bad a thing when I consider how, after another year or so in school, I’ll be consigned to a desk (God forbid, though!) for the rest of my career life. Doesn’t sound fun. At all. I need something to satisfy the secret adventurer in me.

So I’ve been taking this opportunity to cook and bake to my heart’s content.

For lunch, I often have chicken. So I’m sharing my simple and quick chicken lunches 🙂

Featured above is the sweet, salty and sour chicken dish I came up with just yesterday.

I used chicken thigh, marinated it then pan-fried it (using a special pan called Happy Call) and finally added some Cheddar and fresh ground black pepper on top for a finishing touch.

The marinade is quite something else. Here’s what’s in it: light soy sauce, garlic, a teaspoon of brown sugar and a generous dash of Cajun seasoning. Mix it all together, then make sure the chicken meat is fully coated. Leave in the refridgerator while you work on your side.

You can pick practically anything to complement your dish: tomato salad, baked or mashed potatoes, vegetable salad, lentil beans… Just get creative. Usually, I’ll have something fresh and lighter — since the meat will already be so full of flavour. It’s really all about the balance.

I served mine with strawberries, oranges and a dollop of light sour cream.

Light soy sauce, ground black pepper and garlic are the basic ingredients for me when I create a simple chicken marinade. The rest is up to you. I just play around with the herbs and spices available at home.

And here’s a lunch I prepared for my younger brother last week.

It’s got honey cherry tomatoes and Romaine with this one, and as for the marinade, I’ve got to ask my Mom what she put in! Tasted wonderful.

It hardly takes much to cook a simple meal like that. If you need carbs, opt for pasta (which is easy to make; just remember to season your water) or potatoes. Simple, fast, tasty.

Especially if you pre-marinade your chicken hours (or even the day) before, you can get a meal plated up all in less than 30 minutes, hola!

Get cooking 🙂


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