Stay-Home Saturday Dinners

I haven’t been able to post as much as I’d like, and it truly bothers me 😦

So tonight, despite yet another long tiring day at work, I decided to expend this little extra bit of energy to get a post up — albeit probably a shorter one.

My rants on work and the experience there won’t take center stage today; rather, I’ll share about Saturday home(cooked) dinners I look forward to almost every week 🙂

Food is just such an essential part of life (yea, this could be an understatement on its own!) that I can’t help but feel all fired up just thinking and talking about it!

Stay-home Saturdays are a pretty common affair for my family. Sometimes we get takeout, but at others we do enjoy some home cooked food. Yummy.

My Dad’s the master chef (hehe), usually. Especially when it comes to Western food (as I’ve mentioned earlier).

Featured in the photo above is the giant serving of salad we had just last weekend. It’s got avocado, zucchini, carrot, broccoli, red pepper, black grapes and… The secret ingredient portobello mushrooms!!!

It tasted so good, and refreshing! Even to my supposed meat-loving brothers. Some standard indeed, without any dressing too 😀 Allow me to share some tips on how to get there.

In order to bring out the wonderful flavours of the vegetables, be sure to add salt to the boiling water before blanching. Second, stir-fry the portobello mushrooms with lots of garlic — they work magic! Then, allow the natural juices from the mushrooms to seep out, and use this as a “dressing”. Since this was served with pasta, my Dad mixed in some of the stir-fried bacon and ham bits meant for the spaghetti. These additions of meat will help to anchor that stronger taste as well. And finally, adding grapes (or any other sweet fruit) will help to provide a balance from the saltiness of the ham and bacon.

Now, what’s dinner without a main? And we happen to love pasta quite a fair bit.

I have to admit I have no idea how my Dad made this pasta but it was so awesome. After years of practice, I think he’s got it spot on for al dente.

The dish is part dry and part wet. One-of-a-kind indeed. In fact, it tastes like pizza. (Don’t many a good thing taste like pizza!?) 😀 In essence, I’ve got a lot to learn from him!

The dinners we eat are usually simple but there’s nothing like eating the food you’ve made, or that your loved one has made, for that matter. Eating together is really one of the best things about my stay-home Saturdays ♥

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