Yummy Yummly!

My first feature!

Hoorah, I’ve been featured on Yummly!

It was one of the most pleasant surprises when I received notifications three days ago — that Yummly had posted a comment (trackback/pingback) on my Cobblers entry a while back. It was then followed by a tweet mention! 🙂

To thank them, I’m writing a short review today about Yummly [dot] com.

I happened to stumble upon (no pun intended, even though they’ve got a collaboration with StumbleUpon…) the site some time last month. And while I haven’t registered an account, I will be sure to set up one soon.

The website is nothing short of a brilliant idea.

Just reading their “About” and “Team” pages is enough to give you an idea of what Yummly is all about: no, not just a convenient compilation of (possibly) the best recipes out there but more than that, it’s about doing it all in the name of fun! Creativity is so much a part of the team and website (even the site’s contributors, I do believe), that food, cooking and baking have completely taken on a whole new meaning.

Featured on CNN, The Wall Street Journal and FOX just to name a few, you can be sure that they’re more than legit.

In addition, the option to personalize your preferences and search function is great for helping you find recipes suited to your taste. How interesting!

Start using Yummly today 🙂



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