The Coffee Daily

It was a quiet Sunday when I, together with an old friend of mine, decided to catch up over a  little coffee (and tea, and cake).

It’s been four years, but as we’ve found, some things never change. The choice of place (he recommended) was perfect too — absolutely fitting for the kind of nostalgia we needed.

This is definitely one place I’d consider a “hidden find”, and literally as well. For those unfamiliar with the north-east area, I would say locating the café might be a challenge. Then again, if you’re fond of Serangoon Gardens (cue: Chomp Chomp and the like), this little den is just on the way in.

Don’t let its location stop you from paying a visit though, because I’m quite sure you’re gonna like what you find here 😉

Count your blessings because I’m about to reveal one of Serangoon’s probably best-kept secrets…

Opened only over a year ago, it’s already gone through a transformation and a change of hands. Speaking to the new boss, we were told that the old husband-and-wife owners have been replaced by a new couple.

They’ve also added a new section serving ice cream!

One of the first things to greet you at the café’s entrance is this cutesy sign that reads: “Fresh Coffee Old Charm”.

The hand-painted font just gives it the extra “charm”.

Indeed, the interior is very minimalist, adopting a Chinese vintage theme that somewhat resembles a home in the ’80s. The furniture, though mostly mismatched, are all quirky pieces that have been restored. In the modern times we live in, the collection of antiques residing in this place is quite something else, in particular for those of my generation!

Yet, a modern twist remains.

As we weren’t too hungry for cake, we settled for two pots of English Breakfast tea ($4.90 each) and a slice of carrot cake (I forgot how much exactly!) to share. I’ve been told the carrot cake is pretty good, but unfortunately the one that day was disappointing. Perhaps there’s a little work they could do in terms of consistency!

The tea, however, was great and we were pleased to find out the staff refilled our pots with hot water so we could go for another round. Just like any other Singaporean, anything free also take right? Ha ha just kidding, though I must commend the staff for being ever so friendly.

The other food they had in the café also reminded me of my childhood; colourful sugared biscuits were served complimentary and tins of biscuits with jam lined one of the walls.

Overall, the ambience couldn’t be better. It’s just so inviting to spend the whole afternoon there — and yes, that’s just what we did. For four hours. (And also that we had so much to talk about.)

It’s a pity I didn’t get to taste the coffee though, I’m more of a tea than coffee person. But according to my friend, he says they make thick and aromatic cuppas. You should try, no harm!

Okay I’ve said enough. Now for more photographs.


Lovely dogs we spotted just outside.

And the customary self-taken shot, which I’m evidently not very proficient at.

Not too sure about this being a daily affair, but I’ll definitely be back anyway. I heard they’re going to start providing supper in the next few months… Here’s one place to watch 😉

The Coffee Daily
75 Brighton Crescent
Singapore 559216
Tel: +65 6284 8894
Open Monday to Thursday 11am to 10.30pm; Friday, Weekends & PH 9.30am to 11.30pm
Check it out here


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