Himawari Japanese Restaurant (Alexandra Road)

Orgasmic Spider Maki (soft shell crab).

When it comes to Japanese food, I’m not one to go big on buffets.

Being a Singaporean, for obvious reasons, buffets are meant to be really worth it — yet not so much for me, as my tummy has the unfortunate chronic inability to stomach more than say, eight plates of sushi. It’s just sad.

Despite passing up on buffets in general, I do make special exceptions. At the Himawari Japanese Restaurant is probably one of the rare places you’d actually find me shoving food down my throat in a less-than-fashionable manner (simply because the food is too good I could do with taking in two portions at once with no care for civility).

“Too good to be true” would be a sore understatement.

First introduced to this place by K’s friend, our enlightenment in the realm of Japanese buffets was shared with a table of huge and hungry bodybuilders who swiped clean plate after plate of food. That was quite an eye-opener, and I knew I just had to go back for more.

Determined to relive that experience, the latest occasion took place on Sunday, as I recommended this place for a family dinner to celebrate both my brothers’ birthdays.

The buffet costs $38.80++ (Sundays to Wednesdays and PH) per person and given the amount of food available, big eaters will be more than delighted. In addition to the a la carte spread, Himawari’s buffet menu includes Shabu Shabu.

Shabu Shabu (Japanese Hot Pot)

This Japanese Hot Pot is served with a soup broth filled with vegetables and the traditional meat, beef sirloin, to cook with. Other meat choices are chicken and pork.

Gloriously marbled beef, sliced to perfection.

If you prefer a sweeter soup, you could also go for the Sukiyaki. The Shabu Shabu was good for us, especially in the later part of the meal when the the meat provides flavour to the initially-clear pot, making the soup so delicious! You can request for an extra helping (or two) for all ingredients, at no extra charge.

There’s so much food I can’t possibly review or describe the taste, texture, smells of every dish. I am, however, going to highlight a few must-trys! My personal preference would have to be the Spider Maki (Japanese rolled rice with Soft Shell Crab stuffing and roe coated outsides), the featured photo for this post. I absolutely love soft shell crab, and the Japanese prepare it splendidly!

Sashimi lovers, prepare to go crazy! I don’t eat sashimi (cardinal sin, I know), but my brother ordered two platters on his own. What I’ve heard is this dish does a pretty good job at achieving that melt-in-your-mouth consistency. Mmmm.

Sashimi Platter: includes sword fish, salmon and octopus.

Sake Sashimi (Salmon).

The Agedashi Tofu is another one of my top choices 🙂 Crispy skin on the outside, silky smooth inside and the sauce not too salty. Besides, ignoring the fried portion, I like to convince myself it’s a healthier choice ha ha.

Agedashi Tofu: little golden squares of heaven.

Now, if you please, I’d like to entice you with these mouth-watering photos that could send you straight to food heaven.

Mixed Yasai (Vegetable Tempura): batter not too thick, really crispy!

Deep fried soft shell crab ♥

Edamame (soy beans).

California Temaki (Hand Roll): a bit too creamy for my liking, but good flavour.

Takoyaki (Octopus balls).

Mushroom Tempura, with a dipping sauce on the side.

Cold Soba: chilled buckwheat noodles with a dipping sauce and wasabi.

The interior of the restaurant is decorated with traditional Japanese artifacts, and the front counter really cozy. Should you be having buffet, however, you will be led to a larger seating space further inside.

Attractive front counter.

Not so much a quiet, romantic dinner venue, but I’d think perfect for gatherings and celebrations! I always have a good time when I visit, and of course I leave feeling more-than-satisfied.

Just a heads up: you’re probably going to have to rely on that GPS to get you to the exact location as it’s tucked away amongst some office buildings at Telok Blangah.

But obscure location aside, this buffet is worth every dollar. No joke. Be sure to make reservations ahead of time and go early — you don’t want to miss out!

Finally, a very happy birthday to my brothers!

Himawari Japanese Restaurant (Alexandra Road)
991B Alexandra Road
Open daily 12pm to 2.30pm, 6pm to 9.30pm
Tel: +65 6272 1110

Sun – Wed & PH Lunch: $34.80++
Thurs – Sat & PH Eve Lunch: $36.80 ++
Sun – Wed & PH Dinner: $38.80++
Thurs – Sat & PH Eve Dinner: $40.80++
Child (90cm – 120cm) & Senior Citizen (above 65 years old): from $23.80 ++



  1. Hi there, Himawari is my uncle’s business, and I’m managing the social media for him! I happened to stumble upon your review about it, and I’m really glad you enjoyed your meal there! Would it be alright with you if I shared this entry on our Facebook page? We’re just sharing the link to your blog post! do let me know, thank you! 🙂

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