Little Sailor Girl


I love dress up parties.

Usually I find it a bother to search for an outfit to put together, but I often end up really satisfied with the outcome. Like this one.

My girlfriend’s 21st birthday party was last Saturday, themed “AHOY!”. Instead of the mermaids she suggested girls to dress up as (since she was a sea goddess), I decided on being a little sailor girl.

I’ve been told one time too many lately that I take these themed parties too seriously. It’s probably true.

Once again, photos were taken with my iPhone 4S as I was in a rush out of the house (I still ended up late, fashionably too I hope)!

Here’s what I wore:

I love inheriting pieces from my Mom. As they say, fashion goes in cycles and yes, a lot of trends now are just evidences pointing towards styles going full circle. Her navy skater skirt has been totally in vogue for a while now 😉

My red bowler hat has got to be another one of my prized pieces. I love it. I discovered it at a quaint shop called “HEART” located in The Cathay whilst shopping for another themed party last month. It has come in handy on a few other occasions since.

If you’re wondering about my scarf and suspenders, the Mickey Mouse scarf is something I’ve had since I was little and the suspenders I picked up at Fourskin about two years ago. I’m sure you could easily purchase one dirt cheap in places like Bugis Street, though!

Interestingly enough, the highlight of me appearing in this outfit didn’t occur at the party so much as an encounter I had while on the way home, after the party.

While waiting for the parents to pick me up from the train station, a young man whom I was sitting next to spoke to me. He started off as “Ma’am”, and went on to explain that he was a French student learning to be a chef. He was going to have a hand in setting up a restaurant here in Singapore, and asked about my outfit because he had intended to dress up the staff in similar fashion.

French? Chef? Food? Restaurant? Fashion…?

You. Cannot. Imagine. How. Thrilled. I. Was.

After a brief conversation about where I got my separates from, a car pulled up just as he asked my age and for me to guess his. Everything happened so fast; I could barely manage a “21 this year” and he “I’m 20” before he rushed off into a white MPV.

(I did not get his name, if you’re wondering. So yes, I was left hanging.)

If ever, one day, I walk into a French restaurant and see the waitresses dressed like this, I’ll be sure to speak to the head chef — if you know what I mean 😉



  1. Ahhaha how cute! 😀 I love the bowler hat and the scarf you twisted around the shirt. Oh and the suspenders too. I do think the word French comes to mind because of the scarf. 😀 I’m a big fan of scarves too especially lightweight ones that can be worn in our extremely humid weather!

    1. Thank you! You can increasingly find the bowler hat in shops around Singapore – now even G2000 stocks them as part of their casual wear range. The scarf is an old hanky I used to have as a kid 🙂 x

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