Made For Walkin’

My favourite feet candy: red patent lamper 1641 Dr. Martens boots.

Yesterday was a great day to be out. Finally, no summer rain but glorious sunshine.

Since K’s back from Gold Coast, we made a date to catch Batman: The Dark Knight Rises and to spend an afternoon gallivanting downtown in search of a “birthday suit” (take it literally) for my 21st party just a month and a half away!

Excited to wear my new studded LBD (loot from a flea market scavenging on Sunday), I paired it with my red booties for a day out walkin’ 🙂

My personal style has mostly been skewed towards warm colours and florals — lots of girly influence. I never really had the guts to do the quirky or the edgy, though of late I’ve found that this sassy streak has been in me all along!

Finally, after a haircut and slight change of personality in the past two years, I’ve discovered the side that has been dying to see the light of day.

To me, in the fashion department, it’s almost like… A coming of age.

What I’ve got on in today’s feature: a black studded shift dress, sea-coloured BAGGU duck bag and my prized red patent lamper 1641 Dr. Martens high-cut boots. This feet candy is one my favourites in my entire shoe collection! They’re so comfy, and contrary to popular belief, not too warm for the sunny Singapore weather.

And oh, I love anything patent. Absolutely ADORE.

On my hands and arms: brown/black weaved bracelet (gift from a friend), pink-faced Solvil et Titus dainty watch and my DIY glow-in-the-dark wristband with a pink heart-shape bead (made it when I was a kid). On my right hand are two rings but they aren’t featured in the photos.

Back to my birthday plans as mentioned earlier… I am so stoked! Turning a big two-one.

Any suggestions for a smashing themed party? 🙂

So much to plan, so little time!

A photo with my favourite boy.

The next time I’ll be back with more WIWT posts, possibly even with K featured.

Can’t waittttt. xx



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