Baikohken Ramen Restaurant

Baikohken Ramen Restaurant serves up generous ramen in grossly large amounts.

If there’s one thing I like about Singapore it’s got to be the food. Cliché but true, and I would even go so far as to say if you’re not passionate about food found locally, you’re truly missing out.

It’s common knowledge that there isn’t much to do around here, and food hunts are one of those past times that really get me all excited.

Amidst the busy preparations for my birthday, we managed to squeeze in time for some good food. Today’s review is about another ramen place. K has a weakness for Japanese food and really — don’t we all?

Okay so you’re not Singaporean until the mere thought of food gives you an adrenaline rush…

Entrance to Baikohken Ramen Restaurant.

I highly recommend this restaurant. Simple as that.

Located along North Canal Road, Baikohken Ramen Restaurant has got everything good going for it. A quiet, comfy atmosphere, tasty bowls of ramen (wait, be patient, I haven’t even started on the massive portions), efficient service and now even new-found fans in the both of us… What more can they ask for?

But no, the question here should really be: what more can you ask for?

Serving up Asahikawa style ramen, the star attraction here isn’t the shoyu broth but rather the multiple thick slices of chashu. There’s nothing stingy about that.

Just to show how big a piece of chashu is: like half the size of his face!

If I’ve got it right, every bowl comes with two large pieces, and if you order the Shoyu Charsiew Ramen (like K did), there’s an additional five. So if you do the math, that comes up to SEVEN. An involuntary “wow, it’s huge!” left my lips as the bowl was presented on our table.

Now would you just take a look at this beauty. Simply stunning.

Shoyu Charsiew Ramen at Baikohken Ramen Restaurant.

Shoyu Charsiew Ramen ($19 for a regular serving / $17.50 for a half-serving)

In fact, there’s nothing stingy about anything over at Baikohkhen. The flavour, though not superb, is still great. Of course I’ve tasted better. But in terms of noodle texture, I would say this is by far one of the best I’ve had.

My order was the Miso Ramen. I prefer my broth which was lighter but sweeter, compared to the shoyu one which tends to be more pungent and gamey due to the pork.

Miso Ramen at Baikohken Ramen Restaurant.

Miso Ramen ($16 for a regular serving / $12 for a half-serving)

I literally had to plough through my bowl because this bowl of gold was much deeper and fuller than I thought. My younger brother, whom I’d gotten the recommendation from, did sing praises about the meat, but certainly forgot to warn me of the mega portions.

My advice is to go for the half-serving (though I’m not too sure how “small” it really is) if you’re not a big eater. While the difference in price may be slight, it’s definitely better than having to waste food! I could not, for the life of me, clean my bowl. Thank God for K whose appetite could easily double mine — and even then, he too was stuffed.

But really, this place is so value for money! As a Singaporean, that’s an added bonus. Gotta love.

Interior of Baikohken Ramen Restaurant.

The restaurant’s indoor seating area.

Outdoor area of Baikohken Ramen Restaurant where we sat.

Well-ventilated outdoor seating area.

Two other small plus points are: 1) this place has a really clean toilet! and 2) the location of the place just makes it so wonderful for a relaxing evening stroll along the river after an early dinner. Boat Quay is quite wonderful a place 🙂

As for the food, I’ve heard the charsiew don ($6.50) is a real gem. I can’t wait to try! Ippudo (Mandarin Gallery) is the other place that has my favourite chashu don. Also on the list for my next visit will be the butter and corn ramen. Sounds interesting.

For such a small place, the food is certainly worth much more. I like this place. And I’m pretty sure you would too.

Bowls of ramen at Baikohken Ramen Restaurant.

For more photos (if you’re a friend on Facebook).

7 North Canal Road
Singapore 048820
Open Monday to Saturday, 11am to 10pm
Closed on Sundays
Tel: +65 6534 3808

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