Hello from my kitchen again!

Homecooking is my comfort.

School has been swallowing me whole. Not to mention the birthday prep and the party itself for my 21st just a few days back.

I haven’t been posting, and about my food all the more 😦 What I’ve missed is cooking at home. It’s probably not the food, but the cooking that is my comfort; going back to why I started this blog, you’ll know.

And hence, on impulse, I plated up after making lunch today, got my camera and set to work.

Garlic chicken breast with onions, mushrooms and red peppers. Eggs, more mushroom and onions on the side.

Pardon the photos. Just like cooking, photography is a skill which, you can get really rusty if you don’t practice (and clearly I haven’t been).

What I’ve made today is garlic chicken breast with white button mushrooms, yellow onions and red peppers. Added some Tabasco sauce and ground black pepper for the kick too 🙂

And on the side: eggs with pepper, herbs (rosemary and the like), more onions and mushrooms!

Healthy and delicious! So satisfied, because these are the best kinds of food. Humble, inexpensive ingredients made flavourful with the right spices and most importantly, given lots of looooove on the stove.

Garlic chicken breast with mushrooms, onions and red peppers. Served with ice cold lime juice.

School is getting really intense as I’ve got tests and submissions coming up. Nevertheless, the baking and cooking will resume! For those who love tiramisu, I’m trying it this weekend. If it’s successful, be sure to look out for that post 😀

Other things on the list: my birthday celebrations and photos, a lemon blueberry oatmeal cheesecake that got pretty raving reviews, and my new-found favourite cheesecake brownies.

Thank you to all for your continued readership and support! x

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