Go Denim! Ely’s (21st) Denim Birthday Party

Denim Blue & White Birthday Party with a DIY tissue paper bunting :)

After two months or so of planning, my 21st birthday party has finally come and gone!

With much help from K, my cousin Athalie and my family (with the last minute decor, ha)… Thank God the party was a success. Everyone enjoyed themselves, I do believe, and it went according to how I’d planned — more or less.

It’s never going to be perfect because of the perfectionist that I am (yikes), but even then.

Yayyers, I’m twenty-one at last!

The family God has blessed me with. At my denim theme 21st birthday party!

Blueberry and Nutella Cupcakes with blue and white sugar pearls at my Denim Birthday Party.

Faced with budget constraint and very specific ideas, it took K and I quite some time to figure everything out. I’m really pleased with the whole theme of denim, as suggested by K!

I was looking for something unique, and with all the parties before mine having themes of “colour”, “pastels” or “rainbow”, and “geeks”, “vintage” or “nautical”… I went for something that straddled dressing easy and looking classy.

I suppose it’s safe to say once the party started, everything felt like a dream.

(Read on for tutorials, recipes and free downloads! ♥)

DIY Denim Pocket Banner and DIY cupcake toppers on mini cupcakes!

The guest book table at my denim birthday party.

Party details, and a list of the main elements pictured above (and more below):

The featured photo of this post shows the entrance to the little restaurant Big Bad Wolf. The blue and white banner above is a DIY tissue paper garland. (I will be posting up the simple craft tutorial soon!) Initially I’d wanted to make a fabric tassel garland, but that might’ve taken up more time than I had to spare, and I was already struggling with all the other decor and… Oh, right, school.

In the second photo the wall which I used mainly as my backdrop for group photo taking with my cake has a pretty wallpaper that is part of the restaurant. The letters and numbers  “E L Y’  S 2 1 s t” are made of cardboard cutouts (cosuin helped me here), and wrapped with yellow yarn. Lots, and lots of yellow yarn. I got them cheap at DAISO for $2 per roll. The yarn was just to add a fabric touch to the denim themed party. And thank you to my older brother for helping me with that tedious task!

As for food, the restaurant’s suggested menu was blueberry and Nutella cupcakes, their signature Baileys chocolate tart, and some chips with salsa. They even went so far as to decorate with blue and white sugar pearls, atop the frosting! Just to fit my theme colours.

My contributions were cheesecake brownies and lemon blueberry cheesecake bars. I’m so happy to say that my guests loved them! Not once in the past twenty years would I have ever thought that I’d bake for my own 21st birthday. But God makes miracles. Both recipes will be up soon, I promise.

Handwritten recipe cards as "thank you" cards!

DIY blue and white tissue paper garland for my denim birthday party!

For the cupcake toppers, I had them DIY. Free printable courtesy of the Ellinée design team! They’re originally meant for weddings, but I just took them and omitted the wedding-related flags. Totally easy to make: you just need card stock (of your choice), double-sided tape and toothpicks or mini skewers! I find this so much more budget-friendly because the ready-made ones cost A BOMB in craft stores.

My dessert table. The whole idea was to look at the dessert table and be able see the theme colours of blue and white shine through. Not sure if it managed to do that, but I’m pretty happy with how it looked. Centrepiece was a cupcake stand that I bought from Bake It Yourself. Then I had little paper straws in aqua and yellow which I bought online (still haven’t managed to find these in local retail stores yet).

I also made a denim ribbon garland. You just need some denim fabric cloth, either from old pairs of jeans or store-bought. Then tie them into ribbon bows and string them together.

Adorning the front of the table is a DIY denim pocket banner. Super simple tutorial can be found here. Mine had extra cute buttons and lace trimmings! All you need for that is some basic sewing skills, and lots of patience.

Dessert table for my denim birthday party.

Party favour boxes in a basket! Everything is handmade.

DIY denim pocket banner at my denim birthday party. Buttons sewed on by hand.

My guest book table. The idea for this was to have my guests write “happy birthday wishes” and “letters of love” where I can compile them all together to make a nice memory keepsake. The cover of my guest book also had a DIY denim pocket similar to the ones I made for the banner. On the table were markers, chalk, stickers, brads, embellishments, stamps and other writing materials for decorating!

As an added bit of whimsicality, I had blue and white pinwheels sit on that table, and placed a bunch of helium balloons nearby. Polaroids were also taken, and guests could stick them into the guest book on the spot since it’s instant film after all.

Party favours and “thank you” cards. My party favour boxes are all handmade. Every thing about those boxes are handmade. A tutorial will be up some time about how to construct those cute Kraft boxes! The little fabric poms on top were also inspired off a tutorial I found on the Net. More on that later. And as for the inside, you can’t see, but there are individual portions of my home-baked cheesecake brownies.

The “thank you cards” were handwritten recipes for life that I wanted to leave with my guests as food for thought. The pretty recipe cards are also from another free template, thanks to Paper & Pigtails for being so kind in sharing!

Blue and white decorations for my denim birthday party.

As you can tell by now, almost everything was DIY. Which was both taxing yet fulfilling at the same time. Looking back, I’m pretty glad I spent countless hours researching on party ideas and tutorials. At least, along the way, I’ve learned some new craft skills. And I got to incorporate good creatives from different gifted people out there!

Finally, my outfit! Didn’t manage to take specific photos of what I was wearing, but here’s a rough idea. Blue and white floral denim bustier, lavender jeans, patent skinny black belt, pastel bunting neck piece and patent sky-high wedges in taupe. The cost is relatively inexpensive as well: totaling approximately only SGD $130.

(For more photos, and if you’re a friend on Facebook. Disclaimer: I did not take these beautiful photos. A friend of mine did!)

Thank you to all who came, and dressed up according to theme. Also of course to the love of my life K, my cousin Athalie, my special friend Lu… And my parents, above all. The two people most important on this whole earth.

All in all, I had a good time. And I went home feeling so blessed. Thank You Jesus for the past twenty one years!

Definitely more to come. x



  1. Pingback: Marcela
  2. Where did you hold your party at! How much were the booking of venue and food?:)
    I’m planning a 21st party too!:)

    1. Hi Xin Yu!

      Thank you for stopping by 🙂

      If I remember right, I spent between $500-$600 for food and venue combined. I got my food supplied from the eatery, with additional bakes of my own. I would think this is considered quite reasonable the fact that I had 35 people present (and trust me, in all my searching the cheapest other alternative was $22/pax!).

      However, if you’re looking to hold your party at this place as well, you’d be disappointed to know the shop wound down in the following month – October. I’m not too sure why either, but a pity!

      All the best for your planning, and feel free to ask me anything else. I’ll see how I can help. x

      1. Where is the location/address of this place? I know the shop is closed but maybe there are other shops in the same location? (^.^) I am looking for a shop with a similar style to this one, also to hold my 21st! thanks. 😛

  3. Hi babe! Chanced upon ur blog while researching for my 21st bday! I’m glad i bumped into ur blog coz my budget is about 500-600 for food&venue too! however i googled the eatery it was five & dime that came out! just wondering do u happen to hv the specific link or smth? hope to hear from u !! thanks! 🙂

    1. Hi dear,

      Thanks for reading!

      As much as I’d really like to help in this aspect, unfortunately the place I held it at has closed down. Apparently it closed just a few months after I held my party there!

      $500-600 may be quite a challenge (depending on number of guests you’re intending to invite?), but hopefully you can find a venue – try smaller cafes like ReStore and The Garden Slug perhaps? Having said that, my 21st was two years ago and I’m pretty sure prices have increased since then 😦

      Nevertheless, good luck with your planning! x

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