Mini Anniversary Scrapbook Album

Mini Anniversary Scrapbook Accordion Album

It is a lesser known hobby of mine that I like to scrapbook.

As a kid, I’ve always been enthralled by art and colour, yet for the life of me I could never draw. But that doesn’t stop me from attempting to make pretty things look… Prettier.

It takes a lot of patience, but I enjoy the process of creating and assembling so much.  the effort you put in for someone you love is totally worth every minute ♥

This time, I made a mini anniversary accordion album for K to mark our one year together!

Mini Anniversary Accordion Album cover.

I used an accordion album that I’d bought from Typo. The newspaper design was what caught my eye! It was cheap (if I’m not wrong under $5), and came with some cardstock cut-outs — which I didn’t use.

Instead, most of the designs are inspired by some random pieces of title tags from The Sweetest Thing collection by My Mind’s Eye that I chanced upon in a mix-and-match sale at Made With Love/Paper Market.

A total of six pages, it took me about a week; I’m still an amateur!

Mini Anniversary Accordion Album pages 1 & 2.

Pages 1 and 2.

Mini Anniversary Accordion Album pages 3 & 4.

Pages 3 and 4 – which I made one page across.

Mini Anniversary Accordion Album pages 5 & 6.

Pages 5 and 6 – arguably my favourite pages!

The theme that ran throughout the album was floral and bright, happy colours! I was hoping to use them to translate my happiness 😉

Mini Anniversary Accordion Album: first page.

For the first page, I particularly like the floral brown paper! It’s one of my favourites and I’ve used it for other projects as well. The chipboard heart is something I collected a while back, and the lace adornment adds a little dainty, sweet touch to the page. A paper cutter was also used to round off the edges.

And something else that’s new: the stamped letters! Got a lower case alphabet stamp set from Typo for just over 10 bucks. The imperfections on those also lend that rustic feel, so you can tell it’s handmade (with love).

Mini Anniversary Accordion Album: page 2.

Page 2 was a peek into the start of our journey. The photo I used is the first Instax we took together, taken by my girlfriend who writes on Lemon and Pie. Both the title tag “you are my sunshine” and the sticker below I made pop up to provide dimension.

I like the little yarn bow that I attached to the Instax, and in particular the background which I made from scratch using punched circles from off-white and brown (Kraft) cardstock.

The next idea was to combine pages 3 and 4 together so that when the album opens up as an accordion it’ll look like on middle page, with two separate pages flanking the sides. You’ll see what I mean in a bit!

Mini Anniversary Accordion Album: pages 3 and 4.

I’m not exactly the proudest of this spread! Somehow even after completing it, there was a nagging feeling that something was missing… Yet I wasn’t looking to clutter the page, so I couldn’t put a finger on the element it was lacking.

Nevertheless, the flags are DIY, made with cardstock and mini skewers. The little birdie on the bottom left (flying amongst clouds no less) is supposed to be singing hearts that float upwards — do you see what I see? Ha ha. And, of course, another pretty Instax photo to anchor the page, taken on my 21st birthday earlier in September.

Mini Anniversary Accordion Album: page 5.

Ah and now, the gorgeous ombré colour combination! Directly inspired off a pin I found while browsing Pinterest, it was too good to not recreate! It’s just amazing that the different prints can blend so well together.

Mini Anniversary Accordion Album: love, love, love, love, I love you.

The concept of the repeated words “love” was a suggestion by my Mom. Yes, it paid off. And notice how I positioned the butterfly’s wings? It looks like it’s fluttering!

Mini Anniversary Accordion Album: page 6.

Page 6 is full of cute yellow, green and brown hues. I LOVE the bicycle print label! To die for. And the little green brad with heart shapes? Adorbs.

But what I adore most about the final page is that the words seem like an “ending” to the “story”. I just happened to have these cardstock and chipboard stickers, and if you read them together: “Here and now, forever and always, the good life together”.

Mini Anniversary Accordion Album.

I did a lot of lifting with this album. Pages 5 and 6 are a testament to that and no surprise they have turned out to be my favourite pages. I mean, really, trust the experts to get it right; the balance of colours, proportions, shapes… Scrapbooking is an art!


Had a wonderful time doing up the album, and the best part: surprising K with it!

If you’re interested: we didn’t do anything fancy on the day, just a simple dinner followed by a few moments of thanking the Lord for each other and the love that He has given us.

K and I.

Thanks Love, you’ve truly been a blessing. x

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