ASOS Christmas Haul 2012

ASOS Christmas Haul 2012: Oh My Love Leopard Tutu Bandeau Skater Dress!

The semester has ended and the holidays have begun! I decided to try something different today before I delve into all that baking and posting more food recipes. Excited?

Inspired by the many shopping haul vlogs I’ve been seeing on YouTube, I’m going to start sharing my purchases too. Yay! The whole idea is somewhat like the “what’s in my bag” trend that started a few years back, except this is probably a “what’s in my SHOPPING bag” version 🙂

I don’t have a video channel as yet, and besides I’m plagued with stage fright so being in front of a video camera with an imaginary audience pretty much freaks me out all the same, so I’ll be sticking with just writing for now.

Read on if you’re interested to find out what I got from ASOS this fall/winter! I hope all of you will enjoy this new section I’m introducing onto the blog (especially the girls)! x

Ely's ASOS Christmas Haul 2012

Two packages arrived today, making me all excited!

I was just getting impatient and wondering when my packages would arrive, when the postman called at the door. My order was placed on 23 November, so it’s actually considered real quick: 10 days including weekends!

Ah, wouldn’t you agree there’s nothing like the feeling of receiving your online buys? The THRILL.

But I’ve got to admit I wasn’t very pleased with crushed boxes! Thank God there was nothing breakable inside.

Look at how "damaged" they are.

Look at how “damaged” they are.

If you look closely at the photo on the right, an item was peeking out. I don’t even want to imagine what could’ve slipped through if I’d ordered anything smaller. Apart from that, though, ASOS is one of the most trusted and reliable online shopping sites, so you can go ahead and order with ease!

There’s nothing to shout about in this haul, but maybe I’m saying that because most of it is my Mom’s (believe it or not). But I did manage to sneak in an item, and it’s the featured photo of this post! Hint: something in leopard print, hehe ♥

Let’s take a look at what’s inside the smaller package.

Ely's ASOS Christmas Haul 2012

I swear my heart beat a little quicker when I opened the package to find this! 😀 It’s my leopard dress but, more on that later. Underneath the dress were the accessories my Mom purchased. Two belts and three pouches! Cute?

Ely's ASOS Christmas Haul 2012

If you’re wondering why my Mom shops on ASOS: well, she doesn’t! But that was until I introduced her to online shopping and the rest is history. Of course she still places her orders through me, and I provide her with the websites and information on sales — like Black Friday/Cyber Monday recently, which is why I had to stop myself from ordering more, trust me — but there has been more than a few times now that she’s approached me when she needs some retail therapy.

And frankly I find it all rather amusing!

Yet, not every girl (my Mom included) will admit to being a shopaholic, so this time she’s justified her spending as “Christmas present shopping” for others. And it’s not all untrue… almost.

Ely's ASOS Christmas Haul 2012: Blue Q and Cath Kidston

  • 1. Super cute ‘Nice Day’  Bear Pouch (US$8.80), I’d say! The brand Blue Q on ASOS stocks some really adorable bags and purses I wouldn’t think twice about spending my money on.
  • 2. Cath Kidston Zip Purse (US$10.55) in a feminine pink Circle Ditsy print. I’m proud to say getting it off ASOS is cheaper than Cath Kidston itself, and any saving is a saving, right?
  • 3. Cath Kidston Zip Purse (US$10.55) in the red Kempton Rose classic print. This might just be a bit too girly for my liking. If I’d to choose a pattern for myself, it’d be this one because it’s so kitschy!

Ely's ASOS Christmas Haul 2012

  • 4. ASOS Printed Snake Super Skinny Waist Belt in Grey (US$7.92). The grey’s more like silver in real. I’ve always had a penchant for snakeskin (print) belts, I can’t explain why. Unfortunately this one wasn’t bought for me 😦
  • 5. ASOS Printed Snake Super Skinny Waist Belt in Red (US$7.92). This one’s for the more fashionably bold!

The bigger package is what my Mom bought for herself, but I’m sure I’ll get to use it as well 😉 It’s a black River Island everyday tote  (US$49.25)! I particularly like the curved bottom and attached sling. I didn’t get any good pictures of it so I grabbed some images off the site.

Ely's ASOS Christmas Haul 2012: River Island PU leather handbag tote

Ely's ASOS Christmas Haul 2012: River Island PU leather handbag toteEly's ASOS Christmas Haul 2012: River Island PU leather handbag tote

And finally, my dress! Animal print has made a runway comeback in the past two years and it’s interesting to see how leopard print in particular has evolved over the years. It’s a classic! From Sophia Loren to Nicki Minaj, celebrities LOVE this print and I can see why. My personal collection has been growing and when it gets big enough I’ll share hehe.

So the latest Fall 2012 trend is really: animal prints on everything! Take a cue from Elle’s fashion spotlight last year (but definitely also applicable this year) and you’ll see we were all born to be wild… In our dressing choices, at least!

This dress looked so good on the model that even though I don’t usually wear bandeau dresses I just had to get it, ha.

Ely's ASOS Christmas Haul 2012: Oh My Love Leopard Tutu Bandeau Skater Dress!

Tulle tutu lining?+1 for the cute factor! And a skater cut is so forgiving on my big hips. I love, love, love it! They certainly weren’t kidding when they said this Leopard Tutu Bandeau Skater Dress (US$24.63) was of mini length! I’m 1.6m (5′ 3″) and already it was short on me. But it really doesn’t matter because it’s still gorgeous; I can’t wait to do an outfit post in it.

Ely's ASOS Christmas Haul 2012: Oh My Love Leopard Tutu Bandeau Skater Dress!

Oh My Love is a brand from London and their collection features a lot of bold print and form-fitting cuts. All I’m missing is a perfect body to wear the line! Speaking of which, a new gym and workout routine is in order this December. Hopefully, I’ll make some significant progress this time 🙂

That’s all for Ely’s ASOS Christmas haul, I hope you had fun! It would be nice if I actually inspired you to incorporate some animal print into your wardrobe. You can start small with accessories like earrings or clutches, and shoes for the more daring. I have them in all three so for me, it’s become an obsession.



The Dr Martens x Poshism giveaway ended and I didn’t win those shoes but it’s all right! More excuse for shoe shopping 🙂 Have to once again thank everyone who voted for me, it was a fun experience.

I might be trying out a new recipe for strawberry souffle next week with a friend so life is just getting started this term break! (Do check back.)

This weekend my family’s going to Malaysia for a short getaway and I’ll try to do a post on that. Outfits, maybe? And definitely some food.

I hope you had enjoyed this post, thank you for reading! x


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