Fall Colour Obsession: Oxblood

It's fall! Oxblood Dr. Martens.

It’s been long since I’ve blogged! Another year is coming to a close and once again we are into fall.

It’s not that we get different seasons in Singapore. Disclaimer: leaves pictured above are handpicked by my parents on their Japan trip! But I do enjoy the relatively cooler weather here towards year-end. Fall — or what little I know of it — has always been my favourite season (I think) because it’s not overly cold and yet comfy enough to layer on the clothing (again, I am relying on imagination ha ha). Fall colours are always pretty too; warm, inviting, and the kind you’d want to be all snuggled up in. Think dark greens, mustards, greys…

And then, there is oxblood.


Yup, it’s a growing colour obsession!

And it really didn’t help that my Mom recently bought these new pair of Dr. Martens shoes. And no, they aren’t mine. But it has come to my realization that I must have some sort of affinity with Dr. Martens; she bought the exact pair that’s been on my wishlist since forever. The best part: I have been granted permission to borrow! (YES!)

Here they are with my Buckingham royal guard socks from Korea. The cutest! 🙂

Dr. Martens shoes and the royal guards of Buckingham.

Pretty sure this is a colour that can see me through Christmas, which is now just over a month away! Certainly Christmas is much more than just shopping, but it is one of the things that gets me all excited during the season.

I’ll probably be shopping online this year because of the convenience and these days you get so much variety (and good service too) that I literally don’t have to leave the house. Doubt I’ll need to educate all of you about online shopping but maybe I can help by pointing you in the right direction. So recently I was looking at local retail websites and found a couple of pieces on Zalora that I’ve already been eyeing. And in the same family of colours as oxblood, check here! What I like about them is that so many great brands are consolidated into one website that you’re simply spoilt for choice.

Christmas at Zalora!

I like all the pieces in their Christmas lookbook now what am I going to do!! Plus the thing that really gets me is that little green reindeer standing on its hind legs waving ‘hi’. Can you spot it? 😀

Apparently you get a $10 voucher if you sign up for their newsletter but I’m already on the list so that is not applicable to me 😥 Not too late for you if you haven’t! Since it is after all a season for gifting you can also consider gift cards for your friends and spread the love.

Christmas is really coming, I can’t wait! I know I haven’t been around much, but for more regular updates you can check my Instagram. Thank you for reading as always. x



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