Yay, Sephora is now ONLINE!

Quick update: If you’re a beauty buff, it’s time to control yourself… Or no, really, just GO CRAZY!

You can now shop Sephora online (say what?), making our online shopping experience even bigger and better. As if there isn’t enough to spend our money on already, we can now get these beauty products with a mere click.

I can just imagine myself going: scan, open new tab 6x, scroll, browse, scroll, 5 seconds of deliberation, add to cart, add to cart, add to cart, checkout!

I’m not a huge beauty junkie (don’t really even use a lot of makeup, just the basics) but a good nail polish — or, these days, nail stickers? — is hard to pass up… Manicures could be my new weakness. I think my nails could be crying from the number of manicures I make them go through each month, ha ha.

I’m also really into face masks, since using them pretty extensively when I was on exchange in Korea last year. Koreans and their masks, you know, taking care of the “비주얼” (they call it “visual”). So I’m kinda interested in getting the new Sephora Natural Therapy Face Mask range, shown below.

Sephora Natural Therapy Masks

Have been reading about them recently, and the round packaging is so cute, gosh! And the colours help so much too. Man, they really know how to tempt. Plus this will be way more convenient than always getting friends to bring masks back from Korea (because I’m too cheap to buy the overly-priced Korean ones in SG!!).

GSS has just kicked off over the weekend and I can hear my bank account cursing LOL. May everyone 1) find their sizes in the sale rack, 2) not suffer from impulse buys and 3) snag shoe deals — lots and lots of shoes! x

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