Heels, hopes, standards

Some infinities are bigger than other infinities. Like, you know, my limitless love for shoes 😉 Okay bad example forgive me, but ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ came out a while ago (or a long time ago now? I’ve lost track of time) but I haven’t watched it yet. Still, that phrase sticks…

Now buying shoes online has always been a big “no-no” to me. I can’t bring myself to spend on a size that might not even fit! So, it’s absolute joy when I find a brand that’s got an online store and a physical store: what you do is try the size at the store and then buy it online! I know it seems pointless then since you’ll have to actually leave the house and head to the store, but I use this ‘trick’ most when the shoes are on sale online (shh, I’ll do anything for a bargain!) ^^

Shop Aldo shoes online

The site I’m sharing for today is Aldo! I just did a check of the models offered online and I must say they’ve got the summer trends on point. Whether it’s flatforms (which I am in LOVE with, really), bootie heels, jelly sandals or wedge sneakers, they’ve got them all! ♥ And I know I chose the monochrome ones, what can I say, these never go out of style. Why are you still reading this quick shop Aldo online!!

I really like the clean design of their shoes, though frankly their average heel height is like, cray-cray high but you know what they say — keep your hopes high and your heels higher. xx


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