Neon Tropics

Neon tropics weekender trousers pants

These neon weekender trousers are what I’m all about right now!

I have to say, I never thought these would be easy to wear but boy was I wrong. Not only are they easy to pair with basics (no-brainer there), they are also very comfie! In love with them and I got this pair on sale = YESSSS ^^

I am very tempted to get more of such similar trousers, BKK anyone…?

Neon Tropics Weekender Trousers

  • Cropped top: Topshop
  • Trousers: Online site
  • Heeled sandals: Nastygal

Also, I have been contemplating sandals like these for a long time and was beyond ecstatic to finally find this pair on Nastygal. This shoot is their virgin trip out! Not the best for walking but gorg nonetheless. Will feature them more often 🙂

While I’m not confined to stuffy office suits — as much as I am strapped to my desk five days a week — weekends are still the best for dressing up. Some inspiration right here —> fashion blog!

Neon Tropics Weekender Trousers

Can someone make time fast forward by 84 days? I need it to be December already. Or year-end. Whatever it takes for 2014 to pass. My list of things I wish I could ‘start afresh’ is hitting the floor, like weight and finances.

Hang tough, stay classy. x

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