About: Ely

Me on my 21st birthday with a cake I did not bake, ha ha.

Hello there! 🙂

I’m Ely, twenty three this year, and I truly love to share about all things that excite me.

Here you’ll find bits of my daily life, love and musings. I’m currently learning to cook, bake, do my nails, a bit of crafting and to take pretty photos! 🙂 It’s only lately that I’ve discovered this love, most certainly not for food, but for making food (or what I’d like to call “yums for the tums”).

My other interests include fashion, photography, gardening and health.

Feel free to “like” my posts, comment on them, and most importantly give your feedback! I want ALL the feedback ha ha.

To find out more about the other wonderful people in my life: the boyfriend, the Mom.

Follow me on Twitter and Instagram at @elychua. I’m also on Pinterest!

Want a recipe/tutorial but you don’t see it (yet)? Have something you’re dying to share? Contact me via email at elychua@gmail.com.


  1. Hie there, came across your profile on instagram. Nice cooking skills you got there. Care to share some?

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