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Banana PB Choc Chip Wholemeal Cookies

It’s taken me three days to get this post up, but certainly way less than that to finish these cookies. Soon, they’re going to become a staple in my everyday diet ha ha. Gosh, they are so addictive!

Who doesn’t love banana, PB and choc chips? And now, all together!? Plus my favourite wholemeal!!! (I am almost hyperventilating here.)

Sure, too many cookies can be bad for you, and I did somewhat promise healthy food on this blog, but I couldn’t help myself with this one.

Besides, we all need a balanced diet, don’t we? And by “balanced”, surely I mean a mixture of healthy recipes and the occasional indulgences. Comfort food makes for a happy tummy — and ultimately a happy soul. These cookies are so good, you’d be chomping them down guilt-free 🙂

Read on for the recipe!


Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins


Lately I’ve been on this baking craze. Every other weekend I’d be tossing my books aside and whipping up something in the kitchen instead. And, I must say, the number of hours spent in the kitchen are manifold — especially when compared to the measly attention my schoolwork gets… Oh, the pains of being a student!

Featured in the photo above are my tried-and-tested banana chocolate chip muffins. I must say my Mom has a pretty mean recipe, and my family practically swears by it. Unfortunately, having to carry the burden of this seeming “heirloom” she’s passed down to me might take a while if it’ll be anything close to perfect. Hence, my deepest apologies if the photo doesn’t do it justice but the taste? Oh, trust me on this one! 🙂

Read on if you wish to get your hands on the recipe, and also a few tricks I use when baking.

Read on for the recipe!