New Udon Thai Food Moo Kata (Golden Mile Complex)

New Udon Thai Food Moo Kata (Thai BBQ).

For someone who has never been to Thailand, visiting the Thai enclave at Golden Mile Complex Singapore was quite an experience. And no better than to have two of my good buddies with me for my first time.

I don’t get serious cravings for Thai food, and my favourites hardly go beyond Phat Thai and Khao Niaow Ma Muang (mango sticky rice), but my friends happen to be big fans. And trusting their taste — plus the fact that they frequent BKK — we headed to the New Udon Thai Food eatery to satisfy our tummies with Moo Kata.

Moo Kata, which literally means “pork skillet”, is a traditional form of Thai communal eating. A large part of the Thai dining etiquette involves eating in large groups, something which we definitely learned to appreciate that night!

Everything there tasted SO GOOD.

Moo Kata pan/stove filled with a clear broth.

A pan sits in the middle of the table, fully filled with charcoal underneath. Thus the food is slow-cooked over the stove to achieve a barbecued flavour. Essentially, it’s Thai BBQ!!!

Nothing looks superbly palatable, but think of it like you would with food at a hawker centre. It’s just good food stripped to its bare elements, meant to be enjoyed in the simplest and heartiest of ways.

Portions for all seafood, meat and vegetables are rather generous and thanks to the high customer turnover rate (majority of which are Thai nationals), food is guaranteed fresh!

Ingredients for the Moo Kata.

Prawns, squid, chicken breast, fish balls, crab sticks and more!

Ingredients for the Moo Kata.

Eggs, vegetables and the deadly lard packet.

Ingredients for the Moo Kata.

Amongst the vegetables, they have one of my favourites: golden mushroom!

Vegetables are cooked in the shallow trough filled with a refillable clear broth while meat is cooked on the heated portion shaped like a dome. Over the course of the meal, juices from both the meats’ natural oils and from the special marinade used on the meats will trickle down to add much-needed flavour to the broth.

I personally recommend the provided condiments as an accompaniment to the food. They basically go with everything, strangely enough! Chopped garlic, red chili padi and a Thai sweet chili.

You can order extra meats (pork, beef or chicken) that is served by the platter at a cost of approximately $30 each. The platter is huge, though! We all agreed on beef, and it was de-li-cious. No regrets. At all.

Extra food for the Moo Kata.

Sliced beef with a special marinade.

Overall our bill amounted to just over 70 bucks. Not too expensive, given the fact that the three of us were sooo stuffed by the end of the meal.

It’s interesting to note the flashes of Thai culture seeping into this little restaurant. The atmosphere is lively, you hear the constant chatter of the national language and the humble Thai lady bosses sit around without a care.

New Udon Thai Food Moo Kata (Golden Mile Complex).

Entrance to the restaurant.

New Udon Thai Food Moo Kata (Golden Mile Complex).

Just to show it’s not really called J-Dee Thai Disco, ha ha.

The homely feel is undeniably enticing. The only negative thing you’d have to prepare yourself for is the smell! Sitting in a restaurant full of fumes for at least an hour can do so much to engulf your entire body (hair, clothes and all) in the lingering smell.

Yet, more than that, we took with us memories that would last an even longer time to come 🙂

F is for friends fighting for food!

New Udon Thai Food Moo Kata
5001 Beach Road
#01-55 Golden Mile Complex
Singapore 199588
Open daily 11am to 9pm


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