Chasing Sunlight

Mellow summer hues paired with a flash of electric blue and my lime green Longchamp.

It’s summer, and the setting sun is always the prettiest.

K left for Bangkok this morning, and the day before he did, we went on a date to continue our search for my birthday outfit as well as to take a few pretty photographs.

Despite being dressed in mellowed summer hues, I certainly did not forget my flashes of colour.

Lime green Longchamp, thrifted blue ring and white Tommy Hilfiger.

There’s a trick to fashion on a budget, and all the more when the limitations of your wallet give you only so much coverage. That trick, I would think, is to shift the attention to a single (or two, even) object(s) of desire. As in this case, would clearly be the Longchamp.

I could proudly then even say that (almost) everything else in my assemble was thrifted or bought from local online stores that one wouldn’t consider to be “branded” internationally.

There is no shame in putting together an outfit that even the “commonfolk” can afford. Cliche but true: what matters more is the fit and the confidence in your personal style.

What I’ve got on today is a vintage sand-coloured top from my Mom, khaki shorts bought online, an electric blue belt from Dorothy Perkins, peep toe slingback wedges and the pretty Longchamp.

Accessories include a thrifted pair of oversized (for my tiny face) shades, a blue ring, my Tommy Hilfiger white watch and an Accessorize giraffe pendant necklace that was a gift from my girlfriends (because the giraffe is my favourite animal).

K joined in the fun too, and dare I say this boy can really dress when he wants to. I suppose it’s hard to say sometimes who’s the vainer one of us two — and yes, it’s probably him 😉

K in a Fred Perry woven check shirt with multi-coloured gingham design, GAP khaki shorts and blue slip-ons.

Seen here on K is a Fred Perry woven check shirt printed with multi-coloured gingham design, khaki shorts from GAP and dark denim blue slip-ons.

Now excuse me while I insert a few more photos right about here…

With the love of my life.

(For more photos, and if you’re my friend on Facebook.)

Speaking of denim, my birthday theme is more or less settled! I’m going with denim, and it’s going to be a tea party. Everything else is still in the works, but nevertheless I am so excited 🙂

And that also brings me to the teaser photos for my next recipe coming up on elywrites! One of my girlfriends is going to have her 21st before mine, and it’s a tea party as well. Having seen all the food porn I post up, she’s requested my help for party snacks on her dessert table. It’s going to be a challenge, but at the same time I’m excited to help!

So, I present to you… The cookie pop!

Oreo cookie pop with lavender coating and rainbow sprinkles!

Isn’t it just adorable? :’)

These cookie pops look like such a treat, I’m considering making them for my own birthday as well. The recipe will be up by next week and I can’t wait to share, so do check back here soon 🙂

In the mean time, enjoy what’s left of summer! xx


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